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Theater & Audiowalk / Open air

He has planned everything. This one more night, then take the next train and run away. The main thing is to get away. But now he can't get rid of her - Laura, the strange outsider. She claims to have been friends with Mathé, too. "Is that what you do when a friend dies? Do you do things that he couldn't do anymore?" asks Laura when she confronts Michael. She has just watched him climb out of Mathé's bedroom window. "Yeah. I don't know. So I just do it," Michael replies. So they wander through the city, following in the footsteps of their friend.

And we follow in their footsteps in a combination of theater, audio walk and urban art. Through the sounds and voices from the headphones we are closely connected to the players, fiction and environment blur, place and the story merge into a reality of their own.

Aschewolken takes place open air on the grounds of Theater Strahl and the youth hostel Berlin Ostkreuz.

The piece was created in the context of our cooperation with the Scenic Writing course at the UDK.

Aschewolken was awarded the IKARUS 21.0 in 2021 as an outstanding Berlin theater production for young people in pandemic times.

Aschewolken was awarded the German Youth Theater Prize 2020 by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (special prizes for students of Scenic Writing.
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Price special:

During the promotional period of the "Ab ins B! (March 25 - April 10, 2023), visitors will receive a 20% discount on all full-paying tickets and student tickets if they quote the discount code "Ab ins B!
The discount is only valid for ticket purchases at the box office, by phone or by mail.

Educational Services
Participating artists
Andra Born (Dramaturgie)
Jannina Brosowsky (Theaterpädagogik)
Stephanie Dorn (Ausstattung)
Kathrin Reindl (Regieassistenz)
Jörg Steinberg (Regie)
Lisa Wentz (Text)
Natascha Manthe
Justus Verdenhalven
Florian Kroop (Sprecher)