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Jewish songs of the past meet music of the present

Yiddish- poetic, supple, full of wonderful diminutives, »a language without a country, without borders, a language unsupported by any government, a language never spoken by the mighty of this world, a language expressing a thousand years of experience of the Jewish people" (Isaac B. Singer).

Yiddish intertwined with other languages, cultures intertwined and inspired each other. Take the songs - hear the interweaving of Yiddish, Polish, Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar, feel the deep, alien electronic sounds, follow the looped echoes of the nigun, the singing breath of the steel cello, the thunder of the gong and the pulsing more openly Piano chords, feel the world embrace you. You might want to say it back!

The program includes melodies to poems by Itzik Manger, Scholem Alejchem, folk song motifs, prayers and own compositions to poems by Leib Kwitko and Icyk Fefer - newly and uniquely arranged and interpreted by the duo »Moon & Melody«:

Roksana Vikaluk (Ukraine) & Wolfram DER Spyra

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