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Slow fashion, upcycling, organic, bread and much more ...

Schöneberg stands for diversity! The district, which was the epicenter of the West Berlin creative scene in the 1980s, now stands for diversity and sustainability.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: art:berlin - Nachhaltiges Schöneberg
© David Varnhold

In the Akazienkiez; as well as in Barbarossa and Goltzstrasse, up to the Winterfeldmarkt, pulsates with a colorful mix of bars, cafés and shops that offer an interesting mix: we discover many shops that deal with the current topic of "sustainability". Discover with us:

1.) Slow fashion stands for sustainable, conscious and ethical fashion. It stands for a change in awareness, the contemporary response to the production of mass-produced fast fashion. This is about quality and individuality, about appreciation and rethinking. Slow fashion also includes "fair fashion", i.e. the whole topic of "fair produced" and "fair trade fashion", as well as concepts of clothes exchange and clothes rental.

2.) Upcycling in many facets; with the return to local craftsmanship, clothing, hats, bags, furniture, jewelry, etc.

3.) Slow Food; means regionally produced food that is harvested and processed or produced in the area around Berlin, such as the staple food: bread.

4.) Natural cosmetics, vegan, Ayurvedic, pH-neutral, free of microplastics, conserving resources, avoiding waste.

They all have one goal in common: a contribution to a sustainable society!

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Meeting point: in front of the LOVECO shop, Eisenacherstr. 36, 10781 Berlin U Eisenacher Str.