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Rather drawn by life than painted by Sitte? Book premiere with Aron Boks (great-grandnephew of Willi Sitte) and Kirsten Fuchs. On 28.2.23 would have been the 102nd birthday of Willi Sitte.

Aron Boks: Nackt in die DDR
Aron Boks: Nackt in die DDR © Promo

Willi Sitte - artist, convinced communist, functionary, power man. He is considered one of the most influential and controversial painters of the GDR. Aron Boks is his great-grandnephew and has so far shown little interest in his famous relative. Until, at a family reunion, a painting suddenly appears: The Holy Family. Aron begins to ask questions: Who was Willi Sitte really, what drove him?

The painting becomes the starting point of his biographical research, which confronts him with events during and after the Second World War and especially with the years before and after the "Wende". At some point, he realizes that the preoccupation with his family and the GDR also becomes a preoccupation with himself. Aron collects, inquires and pieces together events that shaped Willi Sitte on his life's journey. Among the contemporary witnesses he talks to are Ingrid Sitte, Wolf Biermann, Gerhard Wolf and Volker Braun.

For Aron, who did not experience the GDR himself, the painter Willi Sitte shows himself as a human being in all his turmoil. Between ideology and idealism, fame, power, art and recognition. A quest that leads us to the most important questions of Germany's recent past.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with the publishing group HarperCollins Germany, the Thalia bookstore and the taz.
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Pfefferberg - Theater