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Bye bye ARISE Grand Show. Hello FALLING | IN LOVE - the new show at Berlin's Friedrichstadt Palast.

The ARISE Grand Show is over. From 21 September, the new show FALLING | IN LOVE will run at Berlin's Friedrichstadt Palast.


In ARISE, Cameron experiences first-hand that love withstands the test of time. ARISE means to stand up, not to give up, to keep faith in the heart-warming power of love.

The new Grand Show sparks a torrent of emotions that will also tug on your heartstrings and evoke powerful and magnificent images. Poignant and moving, it overflows with hope, happiness and a joy for life.

Fall in love with over 100 artists on the largest theater stage worldwide. Extravagant costumes, breathtaking stage sets and artistic performances will amaze you and put a happy smile on your face.

Our Feel Safe promise

Even though the increase in the number of people who have been vaccinated means that we are starting to feel more confident, we are still living in unpredictable times. As a state-run theatre, the Palast therefore offers its guests a triple Feel Safe promise:

1. TÜV-tested hygiene concept
The Palast is the first and up until now the only theatre to have gained the TÜV seal of quality “Tested Covid-19 Infection Protection” for its procedures and its hygiene concepts. Good to know: the new cutting edge ventilation system replaces the entire volume of air in the hall with fresh air up to eight times an hour.

2. 100% money-back guarantee
f a performance is cancelled, you can be sure of getting your money back within three weeks – automatically and without you having to put in a claim, as we are not implementing the legally permitted voucher system.

3. Free-of-charge rebooking
If something comes up and you can’t attend the show after all, you can rebook the ticket you purchased for another date, up until two hours before the performance starts, without giving a reason, or you can exchange it for a voucher.

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