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When a concert series is sold out for three years, it is already a small sensation. We are talking about the legendary Arab Song, which used to take place in the Werkstatt der Kulturen and has now found a new home with an optimal atmosphere in the Zigzag Jazzclub.


Under the direction of Moroccan oud player and fusion musician Alaa Zouiten, all music enthusiasts can experience an explosive musical Hafla. Hafla? A Hafla is a little bit of party, a little bit of transcultural jam session, a little bit of surprise. The most important thing is the interaction - between musicians on stage, between musicians and audience - and also the exciting interaction between Arabic, European and world music spheres. Hard to describe, must be experienced. One thing is for sure, we warn you already: it is addictive.

Petra Nachtmanova was born in Vienna in 1987. She has lived in Berlin since 2008 and is primarily interested in folk music from Anatolia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She sang with the Bulgarian vocal ensemble Bulgarian Voices Berlin and was a founding member of the Berlin bands Tralalka and OKO. Her interest in Anatolian music and the luteBağlama has developed since 2010, when she represented Austria at the international TRT Türkcevizyon Festival 2014 in Denizli, performed on ITV in Baku and appeared on the community media channels Avrupa and YolTV. She filmed the Arte documentary SAZ-The Key of Trust with director Stephan Talneau. In 2022, she performed as a soloist in the musical Ben Nazim with Zülfü Livaneli. She plays traditional Anatolian repertoire with the Parisian women's quartet Telli Turnalar. In 2023, she released the debut album of the electronic band Karmatürji (Trikont) and Trilogy in collaboration with Hakan Kurşun (pb müzik). With her newly founded Petra Nachtmanova Trio, she is explicitly dedicated to the poetry of the Aşıks and beyond.

Master of ceremonies is Alaa Zouiten, born in Casablanca. There his musical career began as a master on the oud, the Arabic lute, and led from training at the Conservatoire National de Marrakech to sideman of the fusion band "Jbara". In parallel, he continued his musical studies and completed a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and Philosophy at the University of Erfurt in 2013. This was followed by a master's degree in Transcultural Music Studies at the Franz Liszt Hochschule für Musik in Weimar. He released several albums as a bandleader.

Further important stations of Alaa Zouiten were the musical direction and the performance with the "Global Arabian Music Orchestra" in the Berlin Philharmonie, the performance at the "Requiem for Syria" in the Dresden Philharmonie, Bienal del Flamenco in Sevilla (sept 2020), the tours of "TALKING OUD 2020/2021" in France, Germany, Spain and Morocco, as well as the UK tour with "Making Tracks 2022 "LA CARAVANE DU MAGHREB is a Berlin-based band consisting of three permanent, but often several musicians of different origins. Their repertoire consists mainly of traditional Moroccan music, including Gnawa, Malhoun and Chaabi, but also Algerian Rai music. For several years Redha Bendib (percussion & vocals), Miloud Messabih (percussion, accordion & vocals), Belbachir Youssef (vocals) have been playing together in several projects, representing the North African region at numerous cultural events in Germany. The different nationalities and musical influences have helped to create a very diverse palette of North African music.

Amine Mesnaoui is a Moroccan Piano player and composer living in Berlin. His music brings together Moroccan and African traditions, as well as aspects of early and baroque music, and electronic music composition techniques to create a universal sound. Often simple in his complexity and deep in his sounds, he never stops breaking stereotypes to explore new territories in music. His debut Album « African Prayers » has been released on revered London Label Lo Recordings to critical acclaim, and remains in this creative line : it offers a new vision on the ritual of the Gnaoua masters of morocco.

Payam Ghasemi is an Iranian-born bassist currently living in the south of France. The electric bass has been his main instrument since the age of 13. In 2011, Payam moved to Istanbul where he immersed himself in a variety of musical genres, studying jazz at BAU University and collaborating with numerous bands from the world music, jazz, funk, hip-hop and pop genres. This eclectic environment spurred him to create his solo project, which is characterized by experimental improvisational music with a distinct electronic flavor, occasionally infused with Middle Eastern influences. As a versatile sideman, Payam now works with various projects such as Light in Babylon, Petra Nachtmanova, Shahram Shabpareh, Dodan Ozer and Collectif Kay and tours all over the world. Payam also leads two different projects.

Peter Somos, who grew up in Budapest, began his professional drumming career at the age of 14 and graduated summa cum laude from Codarts University of Music in Rotterdam. Throughout his career he has recorded or performed with artists such as Casey Benjamin, Mahesh Vinayakram, Nadishana, Paquito D'Riviera, Besh o droM, Krzysztof Scieranski, to name a few. He has also played at festivals such as Sziget (HU), Exit (SR), WOMADelaide (AUS), Meskie Granie, Jamboree, Opener' (PL), Sudtirol Jazz (IT), JodhpurRIFF, Kolkata Jazz (IN), Shanghai World Music (CN), or the Jeju World Music (KR). He is an experienced studio musician who has participated in several recordings in many styles (from jazz to pop-rock to metal). He was also hired by the best rock metal studio in Eastern Europe (Hertz Studios, known for their work with Behemoth or Decapitated) to record the whole sound library.
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