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ein oder zwei dinge, die ich von ihr weiß (who the fuck is alice?)

A musical theater evening between silent film, soundscape and musical installation is dedicated to the world's first female film director - and how she was forgotten.

A woman is standing on a stage in a movie theater. She is giving a speech, but no one is listening. She walks up and down, but no one is watching. She is shooting a movie, but the movie does not exist. When she arrives on the film set, no one is there. No cameraman, no actors, no assistant. The film set is her apartment. Apartment XY.

In 1896, Alice Guy Blaché makes a film called La Fée aux Choux. It becomes the first fictional film in history. In the years to come, Alice becomes the artistic director of one of the largest film production companies in France. She writes thousands of scripts, produces hundreds of films, and is one of the first to experiment with sound and color. Today, hardly anyone knows her name.

Based on the feminist essay A Room Of Ones Own by Virginia Woolf and the film Deux ou trois choses que je sais d'elle by Jean-Luc Godard, director and writer Christoph Clausen and musician and performer Mathilde Vendramin form a surrealistic music theater evening that moves between silent film, soundscape and musical installation.

Christoph Clausen is a director and author. His works have been shown at Theaterdiscounter, Theater im Delphi or Haus der Statistik, among others. They form music-theatrical counter-worlds that move between installation and opera. Mathilde Vendramin is a cellist, singer and performer. Already in 2021 both worked together on the music theater performance Becoming Maria C. APARTMENT XY is the second production of the independent music theater ensemble VORTEX.

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Additional information
A VORTEX production.
Participating artists
Christoph Clausen (Regie/Text/Bühne)
Paula Häfele (Produktionsleitung/Dramaturgie)
Dennis Krauß (Licht)
Mathilde Vendramin (Musik/Performance)