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Anniversary Concert: 40 Years Scharoun Ensemble

The Scharoun Ensemble Berlin owes its existence to Franz Schubert’s Octet: forty years ago, members of the Berliner Philharmoniker founded this formation to perform this work with its beguiling melodies and dance-like charm.

So Schubert’s Octet could not be left out of this anniversary concert – nor could the other composers on the programme, with whom the ensemble has developed a close relationship.

There is also a special anniversary serenade for the ensemble: the world premiere of Brett Dean’s Prayer for octet and soprano. The singer is Sarah Aristidou.

Hans Werner Henze
Quattro Fantasie (octet movements from the chamber music 1958 and Adagio 1963)

David Philip Hefti
New work for octet (German premiere)

Brett Dean
Elizabeth's Prayer (world premiere)
Commissioned by the Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation
  • Wolfram Brandl - violin, Sarah Aristidou - soprano
Franz Schubert
Octet in F major D 803

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Participating artists
Christophe Horák
Rachel Schmidt
Wolfram Brandl
Micha Afkham
Claudio Bohórquez
Peter Riegelbauer
Alexander Bader
Markus Weidmann
Stefan de Leval Jezierski
Scharoun Ensemble Berlin