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For 10 years, the association has been offering city tours as a format for political education from the perspective of those affected. The city leaders are or were homeless or homeless and came to Berlin as refugees or migrants. querstadtein e.V. has received several awards, including the German Engagement Prize.


Keynote: Dr. Claudia Engelmann (German Institute for Human Rights)

Panel discussion: “Housing crisis between flight and homelessness:
Is the right to housing still viable in Berlin?


  • Elke Breitenbach (AGH MP; Senator for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs from 2016– 2021; THE LEFT)
  • Aziz Bozkurt (State Secretary for Social Affairs; Senate Department for Labor, Social Affairs, Equality, inclusion, diversity and anti-discrimination; SPD)
  • Dr. Jochen Lang (Head of Department for Housing, Urban Renewal,
  • urban development funding; Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing)
  • Ahmed Shihab (city guide querstadtein and representative from the perspective of those affected)
  • Susanne Hinneberg (querstadtin city guide and representative from the perspective of those affected)
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