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In Sonic Cords, borders are crossed - of genres and media, countries, times, even linguistic borders. The evening's stimuli are three videos from Anh Trieu's series Generation(s) erzählen, in which the diasporic is made tangible by linking fragments of the past, present and future.

Sonic Chord
Sonic Chord © laura.liebt

The video series is an exploration of Vietnamese-diasporic cultural production in Germany and incorporates elements of the melodramatic performances of the Vietnamese-language cult vaudeville series Paris by Night. In Trieu's films, a dialogue occasionally develops between the protagonists and a voice from the radio. Cuong Pham's radio features, which will be played between the video screenings on this evening, refer to this.

These audio pieces consist of Vietnamese songs and letters written by a fictitious young mother from Vietnam in the GDR diaspora to her unborn child. In them, as a contract worker, she asks herself on the occasion of the fall of the Berlin Wall whether she should move to West Germany. Cuong Pham talks about the songs integrated into the features and provides insights into Vietnamese music history. And Ngoc Anh Nguyen reads live a German version of Letters to the Unborn. In this way, an acoustic bond - a sonic cord - is forged between generations, but also between different media, languages, historical events and geographical regions.

In German, English and Vietnamese.

Anh Trieu (director and concept) is a Vietnamese-German filmmaker and performance artist. In her work she deals with the themes of identity and family/life forms. She lives in Berlin.

Cuong Pham (radio plays) works primarily with the medium of radio. He deals with cultural identity, ethnic communities and geographical spaces. Pham lives in London.

Ngoc Anh Nguyen (reading) aka ANOTHERNGUYEN works as a singer, songwriter and producer. She has so far attracted attention mainly with contemplative pop, in which she integrates elements from trip hop and alternative R&B. She lives in Berlin.
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Eine Produktion im Rahmen des Festivals 10 Jahre Vierte Welt. Gefördert durch den Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
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