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The Vorona Gallery presents the exhibition "Focus" with works by Anastasia Tory, a ceramist and sculptor from Odessa. The exhibition shows how an artist who was forced into exile - uprooted from her familiar surroundings, without tools or materials, without a studio or permanent residence - nevertheless begins to become creative. She rises above catastrophe, finds new breath and rebirth, and discovers balance amid the ongoing tragedies.

All people face trials, losses, and the collapse of hopes and ideals in their lives. Suffering can make some people wiser and stronger while destroying others. For Tory, the experience of exile was an existential furnace in which the emotions caused by separation, forced displacement and loss coalesced. For the artist, the creative examination of this experience became a path to healing and the discovery of a positive attitude to life.

During her two years in exile, there was, as Tory admits, "a shift in focus." Concentrating on the positive and pushing the darkness back to the edge of consciousness does not eliminate the negative component of existence, but it does give deeper meaning to artistic expressions.

"Focus" is Tory's second exhibition in Berlin. The first exhibition “Born – die – born – die - born” took place in August 2022. Tory fled from Odessa to Germany in the spring of 2022 to escape rocket attacks and the threat of occupation by Russian troops. The artist is currently working in England.
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