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Kafka's epochal work Amerika depicts the story of a homeless man at the beginning of the 20th century. Expelled from Europe by his parents, Karl Roßmann does not experience the desired promise in America, but rather social decline.

Kafka's novel fragment "America" is a layered picture of myths, projections, facts and fantasy. The journey of the emigrant Karl Rossmann takes place in the mind, from the entry into the harbor of New York to the final train ride to the great natural theater of Oklahoma, it is the odyssey of a connection-seeker who does not despair of his own isolation until the end and perhaps even finds in the end in the theater of Oklahoma the home he was constantly looking for.

The ex-castle actor Philipp Hochmair, known from film and television, not only plays Karl Roßmann. As if in a split second, he switches between the many characters as a virtuoso of performance in the multifaceted solo and presents the novel as a phantasm and experience of a single actor.

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