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by Tankred Dorst

This season, the Globe Ensemble Berlin is including a play for young audiences in its program for the first time. "Ameley, the Beaver and the King on the Roof" by Tankred Dorst (1925-2017) was written in 1982 based on motifs from the "Rhine Tales" by Clemens Brentano.

Ameley takes the audience on an exciting journey into the forest of Munkelwust, a modern fairy tale world in which fairies, humans, animals and pears speak to each other and find each other as a matter of course - a highly diverse community of the lost and the enchanted, who bravely face the great adventure together. And in the process, find out who they really are and where they belong. (For children aged 6 and up)

Astrid Köhler, Helena Krey, Mick Morris Mehnert, Peter Beck, Rahul Chakraborty, Saskia von Winterfeld

Director: Mathias Schönsee / Set design: Katharina Piriwe / Music: Maike Rosa Vogel

Funded by Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung

  • (Program in German)

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