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In the third edition, the film tour of the Alpen Film Festival impressively proves that well-made mountain films can inspire a cinematic audience with their stories of happiness and sadness, determination and wild road trips.

In its new programme, the Alpen Film Festival presents the best mountain films of the year. As one of the most prestigious film tours in Europe, the festival serves as a meeting place for the mountaineering and documentary film scene. The films have received high international awards and the live moderation ensures a special event character during the cinema evenings.

The festival takes the audience on breathtaking adventures: from the north face of the Eiger to Mount Olympus in Greece. But as is well known, success and happiness often have their price, and the films tell about that too.

The new program consists of five short films with a total playing time of 105 minutes. The films are wild and poetic, refreshing and uplifting, sometimes abysmal and sometimes weird. They are made for passionate people who want to enjoy good films in the company of like-minded people. The Alpen Film Fest is a pioneering cinema event that celebrates the joy of being outdoors by bringing the fascinating world of the mountains directly to the people.

The four films in the program are:

"Eiger - A history of modern alpinism": Two adventurers follow in the footsteps of the pioneers of the Eiger north face and are confronted with unexpected challenges.

"Modern Age": A father and his son go on a two-day hike to get closer to each other. Nature shows them the transformative power of being outdoors.

"Connecting Flights": Three young men undertake a bicycle tour through the Balkans to Greece, in order to paraglide from unknown peaks and finally from Mount Olympus. But the unstable summer weather puts them to a hard test.

"My Phantom": The moving touring book of a Dutch woman who tragically passed away but left behind an inspiring message about making friends in life.

The program is moderated live and lasts a total of 125 minutes. The languages are German, English and Italian with subtitles. The Alpen Film Festival promises an unforgettable experience for all mountain and film enthusiasts.