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In the video work “ALLTAGSMANIFEST” Hannah Kreuzinger and Emilia Quiñones reflect on their everyday life as female persons in a big city and search for a possibility of collective bodily experience.

Starting from the pose of squatting, the two dancers in “ALLTAGSMANIFEST” let their own texts, thoughts and movements flow together in an associative and fragmentary video collage. They understand the squatting position as a gesture of vulnerability, resistance, closeness to nature or the appropriation of space. In this way, a search for traces of silent agreement, for toleration of everyday and invisible violence, for the lack of representation and possible alternatives become visible and tangible.

How perceptible are FLINTA* (female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people) in public space and where are the limits of the staging and presence of femininity? Who is allowed to do what? And above all, how and where?

By and with

  • Hannah Kreuzinger, Emilia Quiñones, Rita Stelling
  • Hannah Kreuzinger, Emilia Quiñones – Concept, text, camera
  • Hannah Kreuzinger, Emilia Quiñones, Rita Stelling – Costumes
  • Emil Kafitz, Hannah Kreuzinger – Editing
  • Carl Gerrit – Music

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