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Humanity has always wanted to aim high. But Mount Everest, K2 and Kilimanjaro have long since been climbed - too well known, too long queues, too mainstream. Now a new chapter opens: the journey into space. The infinite expanses of the universe. Don't we all dream of taking off from Earth, entering the cosmos and discovering places beyond imagination? Looking down on our little blue planet from space between weightlessness and diamond rain.

While people around the world are suffering from the social and economic consequences of the pandemic in 2021 and the extent of climate change is increasing rapidly, the “New Space Race” is also beginning: three millionaires are racing into space with their private space companies. The goal? The commercialization of space and the colonization of new planets.

The collective, without consensus, takes this development as an opportunity to take a closer look at the history and possible future scenarios of space travel. What consequences can space tourism have for the climate and the environment? How do hierarchical and discriminatory structures in society continue in space travel? Who takes off and who stays down?

“ALLMACHT” deals humorously and provocatively with the history and media representation of flights into space, as well as the dystopias and utopias of our future.
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Participating artists
Franca Löhr
Patricia Mattes
Laura Will
Ulrike Wolf
Tilla Borner
Jakob Bertram
Nadine Giese
Maria Wolgast
Weinmeisterhaus Mitte e. V.