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Film screening in Haus des Papiers

In the documenta year 2022, the film NACH ALLEN REGELN DER KUNST was 35 years old. The situation of women in the art world is different from 1987, just as the art world has changed. The film is funny, exciting and, beyond its historical value, a work of art. Not least because of this, it encourages us to think about the situation of women artists today and to update our point of view.

Gabriele Horndasch  


A film by Barbara Bongartz and Helga Weckop-Conrads

FRG 1987 / 16mm / color / magnetic sound / 80 minutes 

World premiere on 08.07.1987 in the art film program of DOCUMENTA 8 in Kassel.

From the invitation to the press performance in 1987:

The starting point was the structural discrimination against women artists in all public areas, in museums, commissions, exhibitions and in teaching in the FRG, which could be determined by facts and figures.

"Where are the women in German art?" the painter Georg Dokoupil was asked by ARTnews. 

His answer: "At home, cooking."  Quotes like this have become more frequent in the media in recent years and were the trigger for the authors to investigate the situation of female artists.

The film was made on the basis of recorded interviews that Barbara Bongartz and I conducted with 50 female artists and some exponents of the art world. The list of questions covered all areas of equal relevance to artists. Artists of all levels of recognition, all age groups and media had their say. In contrast to the unambiguousness of the figures, the results of the interviews did not permit any binding generalizations. As a result, we decided to conduct an experiment. In the main part of the film, the themes develop exclusively from artists' statements, dispensing with the usual level of commentary for this format.

The first, short part is a look back at working conditions in the 19th century, focusing on the highly talented Marie Bashkirtseff (1854 Poltava, Ukraine - 1884 Paris), who died young. In 1987, art historian Renate Berger succeeded in having the artist's mausoleum opened. Most of her paintings were found inside, rotting away.  

Roger Willemsen (1955-2016) wrote the text for the epilogue in the film about pictures from the Düsseldorf casemates below the old town, which were provisionally restored by artists for off-exhibitions in the 1980s.     

The participating artists: Liz Bachhuber, Victoria Bell, Sybille Berke, Anna Blume , Miriam Cahn, Regine von Chossy, Lili Fischer, Mechthild Frisch, Doris Hadersdorfer, Barbara Hammann, Magdalena Jetelova, Tina Juretzek, Gisela Kleinlein, Annalies Klophaus, Julia Lohmann, Lidy von Lüttwitz, Susanne Mahlmeister, Inge Mahn, Michaela Melian, Rune Mields, Marianne Pohl, Ingrid Roscheck, Ulrike Rosenbach, Barbara Schimmel, Eva-Maria Schön, Renate Schukies, Elisabeth Vary, Isolde Wawrin, Monika von Wedel, Marlini von Wickrama Sinah, Dorothee von Windheim 

The mediators:Anne Brenken, Prof. Dr. Johannes Cladders , Dr. Karla Fohrbeck, Christos Joachimides, Dr. Margarete Jochimsen, Prof. LuiseKimme, Paul Maenz, Prof. Dr. Karl Vogel, Elke Zimmer
Additional information
Meeting point: HdP Haus des Papiers

Price: €3.00

Booking: Join us for the special screening of Nach allen Regeln der Kunst - Künstlerinnen in der BRD in the presence of Helga Weckop-Conrads and Barbara Bongartz. A contemporary testimony that was not only highly topical in 1987, but also makes us think today about the representation, recognition and remuneration of women in the art world.

The 80-minute film focuses on aspects of structural discrimination against women artists in West Germany. It is based on a series of interviews with 50 female artists, whereby the narrative unfolds without commentary, so that the voices of the women determine the discourse. The premiere took place on 08.07.1987 in the art film program of DOCUMENTA 8 in Kassel.

After a welcome by the HdP team and by Helga Weckop-Conrads and Barbara Bongartz at around 6:15 pm, the film screening will start at 6:30 pm. Afterwards there will be time for discussion.
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