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A musical rollercoaster ride in search of yourself by The Metafiction Cabaret

Who are you? - Who? - I? - No! – You! – I don’t think I even want to know who I am. Or whatever I want. That's none of my business. That's probably my thing. And I don't want to go my own way either. I don't want to go any way.

Some children have a very unpleasant way of growing up. Loosely based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, a musical roller coaster ride through the imaginations and wishes of young people is created.

Their overflowing imagination goes on a journey of discovery and gets further and further lost in the maze that is themselves. Punk, pop and performance from the rock band The Metafiction Cabaret. Suitable for young people aged 14 and over and of course also for adults.

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