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Immerse yourself in the sound of the new world with Alex Serra & Totidub

Totidub ensures a concert experience where you can dance from start to finish. Toti Arimany is a master of dub and music programming who has internalized the sound of La Fournier, the place where records were first recorded by Dusminguet and later La Troba Kung-Fú.

Alex and Toti create natural atmospheres using samples Alex collected during his travels and fuse them with electronic beats from Afro-Latin rhythms, soul and African guitar music. They use Dub textures and effects in an exquisite way.

Alex Serra, a musician from the sunny Mediterranean city of Barcelona, presented his debut album "In the Real World" in 2019. This album is the result of a fascinating four-year journey of self-discovery that he began in 2012. During this trip through Latin America and South Africa he came into contact with musicians from different musical backgrounds who enriched his music with a unique and invigorating energy.

The sounds of the Amazon, African tribal rhythms, shamans and sacred plants influenced his perception and created an inner sound full of relaxing frequencies that was fascinating from the start. His songs tell of an awakening to a new world, which he considers to be more "real", where one goes deep into oneself and arrives at a place where time seems to stand still. There we can see something mysterious and sacred that connects all people. His gentle, powerful voice leads to a state of introspection and trance.