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100 years of radio

Two days before Christmas, "Silent Night, Holy Night" sounds on the radio, intoned by clarinet, harmonium, strings and piano. What is nothing special today was a sensation about 100 years ago: On December 22, 1920, Reichspost employees of the main radio station in Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin played a historic Christmas concert - the first public radio broadcast in Germany.

© Foto: Michael Erhart

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the historic concert. The exhibition illuminates successes, breaks and futures of the world's first electronic mass medium.

An exhibition at the Museum for Communication Berlin, sponsored by the Cultural Foundation of the German States. In cooperation with the Stiftung Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv and Deutschlandradio.#100Jahre100Postings - Our countdown to 100 years of radio

Such an important anniversary as the 100th birthday of the radio naturally wants to be announced according to its status. On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you can therefore follow a very special countdown.

Under the hashtag #100Jahre100Postings we will send you 100 interesting facts about radio, behind-the-scenes impressions of the exhibition development and much more about the digital ether.

In the Social Hub on our Expotizer you can follow all postings and get information about the exhibition in advance!
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