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AGGREGATE Festival 2022 - New works for automated pipe organs | Day 1: Adi Gelbart, Hampus Lindwall & Ellen Arkbro.

Gedächtniskirche © AHOJ!

In the international project AGGREGATE. gamut inc explore and perform on automated pipe organs in churches and concert halls.

Digitalization is advancing further and further into areas beyond the virtual - opening up new artistic possibilities for the pipe organ. All the instrument's parameters can now be controlled by computer via interfaces, while the sound is still being created in the organ's pipes. In this way, an interlocking of instrumental and electronic music can be achieved, the possibilities of which are largely untapped. The international concert series AGGREGATE exposes this artistic innovation potential of 21st century organ music on seven concert evenings in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Iceland. Composers with different musical backgrounds and orientations have created new pieces for automated pipe organs, which will be realized on seven special but very different organs. Contemporary electronics, new music, avant-garde pop and noise music interweave.

Groundbreaking artistic strategies are explored, from purely automated organ concerts to combinations with instrumentalists to real-time control and synchronization with electronics. AGGREGATE explores the fundamental questions raised by computer-controlled instrumental music: virtuosity and how to overcome it, the limits of perception of highly compressed musical events, the transitions and connections between electronic and acoustic music, objective interpretation and the effect of mechanically precise reproduction.

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