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Kluftinger starts to sweat. Zefix ... what a heat! Actually much too humid to go outside. But Kluftinger has no choice: He has to investigate the clay pit where Professor Brunner unearthed the famous skeleton of the prehistoric ape "Udo" some time ago. Now Brunner has been found buried under a shovel excavator.

Klüpfel & Kobr
Klüpfel & Kobr Jens Oellermann

The scientist, who wanted to prove with his find that the cradle of mankind lies in the Allgäu, had many enemies. Kluftinger therefore has his sights set on several suspects at once, including the members of an obscure sect. But the inspector also has to take care of an object of observation in his private life: The daycare mother of his little granddaughter is pursuing some very strange educational approaches. Reason enough to keep a closer eye on her and take flying lessons with Doctor Langhammer and his new high-tech drone. But the test flight gets dangerously out of hand...

A must-see program with a laugh guarantee and the best entertainment for all fans of the unmistakable Inspector Kluftinger - and for all newcomers an ideal opportunity to finally immerse themselves in his very special Allgäu cosmos.

Go there, listen, laugh. Zefix!

(Program in German)

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