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Benefit concert for church music

Music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance for Advent, Advent and Christmas songs to sing along to and listen to. Ellen Hünigen, composer, pianist and singer from Berlin, is an expert on early music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In this program she will accompany herself singing on the table organ, but will also sing a cappella and play the organ purely instrumentally.

Gregorian chants and songs from 16th century Protestant hymn books for Advent are combined with hymns of praise to the Mother of God, Mary, who gave birth to the Savior, from the Laudario di Cortona, the Cantigas de Santa Maria and the Llibre vermell, as well as instrumentally arranged motets from the Old Hall manuscript.

The program will also include songs to sing along to, e.g. "A soloist ortu cardine/Christum we should praise already", "The morning star has arisen", "Praise bet thou, Jesus Christ" or "God, holy creator of all stars".

Ellen Hünigen (vocals and table organ)

Rorate caeli de super

You heavens are thawing from above

Benefit concert for church music

Barrier-free access is available.

The church is heated to 17°C.

Admission: free 
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