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Edith's birthday

Edith Schröder, the sparrow from Hermannplatz, the most likeable and best-known Hartz IV or Hartz VIII recipient in Berlin, has her umpteenth birthday. Since our fun-loving party girl prefers to make herself comfortable with her best friends, she unpacks the very big Chantré bottle and, together with pub landlady Jutta Hartmann (Bob Schneider) and leggings boutique Biggy (Biggy van Blond), puts together a big birthday gala, which she will host this year at the Wühlmäusen.

Which other surprise guest will jump out of the cake, how many Futschis are needed to bring Edith up to operating temperature, and how many notes she will hit then remains to be seen. Go there! Celebrate with us!

Language: German

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