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Futschiqueen and "HARTZ VIII icon" Edith Schröder is at a loss, because her house in the gentrification hotspot Neukölln was sold and her rent increased so much that she is threatened with homelessness. She borrows money. But those who borrow money from the wrong people are soon in even bigger trouble.

Edith's buddy and backyard charmer, Harry Weinfurz, proposes a big coup for her and her two best friends to pay back the money.

Anyone who knows the three wild women from Neukölln knows that this plan can only go wrong. But in these times of social media and fake news, the criminal unexpectedly becomes a folk heroine, and so the question for Edith soon becomes: jail or chancellorship? 

Tatort Neukölln - a turbulent Neuköllnical about capitalist, criminal and verbal border crossings as well as the mechanisms of populism.

With Ades Zabel, Biggy van Blond, Bob Schneider & Roman Shamov

Directed by Bernd Mottl - Film score by Jörn Hartmann

(Program in German)

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