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Almost exactly a year ago, in October 2022, Adeline Meilliez began her new series "Pêle-mêle" when the autumn sun seemed to hide during the day and the evenings hurriedly turned into nights. She is "very sensitive" to the light and colour palette inherent in every season, she confesses. She sees her work as a "graphic game" - a combination of partly organic and partly geometric forms that come together in a unique way in each print.

The translucent hues sometimes overlap up to 16 times, giving her prints an astonishing depth. Adeline Meilliez likes to cut out paper stencils for her works, which at the beginning are still inspired by nature, and later - when she also adds the cut-out counter- and residual forms - her motifs become more and more abstract.

Exhibition period: 04.11. until 04.12.2023

Location: Supalife Kiosk
Raumerstr. 40
10437 Berlin

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 11:00 - 19:00 hrs
Saturday, 11:00 - 20:00 hrs
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Adeline Meilliez