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Singleli music, bongo fusion, funk, East African groove and traditional Swahili sounds

ABENEKO & THE POSITIVE MIND, led by Abeneko, a Tanzanian contemporary live performer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and choreographer. Abeneko & The Positive Mind's music is a mix of contemporary East African beats, singles, funk and afro-fusion combined with traditional dances, melodies and rhythms.


The music aims to promote traditional and contemporary Tanzanian music, dance and culture. ABENEKKO & THE POSITIVE MIND have already performed at major festivals throughout East Africa (Sauti za Busara, Bayimba, Karibu Music Festival) as well as in Germany, Denmark, Finland and the USA.

The band is known for their energetic and wonderful live performances that tell stories, are entertaining and convey powerful messages that address various issues of society and culture.

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