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When the Brandenburg Cancer Congress (BBKK) takes place for the eighth time, it is probably fair to call it an established institution that has taken its permanent place. The fact that number 7 had to move this place to the Internet has fortunately not changed anything. But for 2023 we very much hope and wish to meet again in presence and thus make the BBKK a place and time of meeting for the regional players in the care of people with cancer. In the meantime, however, it is not only a mutation-prone coronavirus that has changed our world, but also the return of war to Europe and the transformation of the climate crisis from a prediction to a tangible reality. We suspect that much of what we find "not normal" is only the beginning of what will be normal in the future. These crises and the departure from what was previously normal have a surprising amount in common with cancer, from the initial not wanting to admit it, to the fear of the apocalypse, to the resilience it takes to act with hope and optimism.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: 8. Brandenburger Krebskongress Onkologie im Land Brandenburg – machen, was wirkt
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