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4.48 Psychose
4.48 Psychose Arno Declair

"It’s myself I have never met," writes Sarah Kane in her fifth and last play 4.48 Psychosis , written in 1999 and performed for the first time a year later following her death. It is not only the complex and poignant conclusion to her dramatic oeuvre, but above all a final take on life as a whole. Kane creates a text which is both associative and dissociative, a fragmented sequence of words and numbers, thoughts and dialogues.

It has no explicit characters, but rather a web of voices that look death in the eye and explore the life story of one or many people or even humanity as a whole. It is a stream of the (sub)conscious under the influence of medication in the gap between clarity and pain – the title refers to the exact time when both are rumbling below the surface.

It would do injustice to the playwright and her text to (still) read 4.48 Psychosis as an autobiographical work or an analysis of depression. Twenty years on, Kane’s play feels more like a condensation of the individual’s search for his or herself in the ego’s struggle against the world. In his first work for the Deutsches Theater Berlin, director Ulrich Rasche uses this epic and sensitive text to explore the fringes of the psyche and psychosis, and through their interaction, the human desire to "come into contact with one’s real self".

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Additional information
by Sarah Kane Director: Ulrich Rasche
Participating artists
Ulrich Rasche (Regie/Bühne)
Franz Dittrich (Bühne)
Nico van Wersch (Komposition und Musikalische Leitung)
Toni Jessen (Chorleitung)
Clemens Leander (Kostüme)
Florian Seufert (Video und Live-Kamera)
Cornelia Gloth (Licht)
Marcel Braun (Ton)
Martin Person (Ton)
David Heiligers (Dramaturgie)
Katja Bürkle
Elias Arens
Thorsten Hierse
Yannik Stöbener
Linda Pöppel
Justus Pfankuch
Kathleen Morgeneyer
Jürgen Lehmann
Toni Jessen
Thomsen Merkel (Bass) (Live-Musik)
Carsten Brocker (E-Orgel) (Live-Musik)
Katelyn King (Schlagwerk) (Live-Musik)
Špela Mastnak (Schlagwerk) (Live-Musik)
Deutsches Theater Berlin