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40 years birthday chocolate factory. What and how were its beginnings? Resident associations, projects, groups will present their work in the new seminar room. Followed by contributions of Rotraud von der Heide and a film screening of the "Red Zora", the beginnings and the history of the Schokofabrik will be brought closer to the interested audience. The Sunday is intended to give (house) projects, feminist activists, users* and visitors* the opportunity to talk to each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • 16.00 Coffee, tea and info / 1st floor.
  • 17.00 "The desert lives" - The first years of the chocolate factory / Hamam
  • 20.00 "Women form gangs!" - Film screening / courtyard
The OYA is open.

The event will take place under the currently valid hygiene regulations. 40 years ago, women* occupied the factory and living spaces at Naunynstraße 72 and Mariannenstraße 6, a typical Berlin ensemble in a former chocolate factory. From this, the association Schokofabrik e. V. was founded, under whose umbrella a wide range of offers in the areas of education, counseling, crafts, culture, sports and wellness as well as living space for women* developed. The goal was to create (living) spaces and jobs for women*. On 1,200 square meters and 6 floors, the largest women's center in Europe was created. 

The "Schoko" is a place for contacts and communication among women*. Visitors* of all ages, different abilities, any origin or sexual orientation are welcome in the Schoko.
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