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The fusion of jazz with poetry in carpentry

This is already the 4th jazz festival that brings together musicians from the BigBand with jazz musician friends and jazz-tested orchestra musicians. In the moderated concerts in the Tischlerei, the focus this time is on the music of Andreas Reber (on 17/18 April), Louis Armstrong (on 19 April) and George Gershwin (on 20 April).

The festival will conclude with two jazz concerts for children, which - like the highly acclaimed versions of "Jungle Book" and "The Ballad of Robin Hood" that won awards from the press and critics - will also be published as an audio book for young jazz fans.

On 21 and 22 April, Oscar Wilde's "Ghost of Canterville" tries ever more desperately to teach the new American inhabitants of his old English castle to be creepy.

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Participating artists
BigBand der Deutschen Oper Berlin (Musiker*innen der)
Sebastian Krol (Programmgestaltung)
Rüdiger Ruppert (Programmgestaltung)