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The current times are extremely challenging as a person in general and especially as part of the Afrodiasporic community. We need – among other things – self-confidence, strength, resilience but also love and trust in order to meet future challenges.

They are 3 women, 3 people, 3 women, 3 black women who have been making music together for over 10 years.
Their respective life paths and visions are different and yet similar. Something common emerged through opening up, listening, communicating and trying things out. Sustaining and growing requires love, friendship, work, strength and resilience.

So their music grows with them. On stage they immerse themselves in their sound universe together with the audience. Polyphonic singing, groovy rhythms, circling sounds and moments of silence invite you to get lost in them. They explore tough current topics such as trauma, discrimination, pain, as well as the beautiful sides of existence, friendship and love. The deep emotionality that they experience with their audience nourishes them. It emphasizes their humanity.

They want to feel safe and welcome together. They want to strengthen and heal each other.

  • With: Jeannine Mayani, Gonza Ngoumou, Bona Ngoumou
  • Production management: Chiara Elisa Rossini

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