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A constant in the Berlin scene!

With its 38th edition of the Berlin Jazztreff, the Landesmusikrat Berlin is once again pleased to welcome numerous musicians of all ages to the stages of the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg on November 26.

Whether big bands on the stage of the Kesselhaus or small ensembles to solo musicians in the Maschinenhaus: the audience will meet an ambitious amateur scene, as well as Berlin's jazz newcomers or professionals in an experimental mood.

Spread out over the whole Sunday, visitors can enjoy a full program of music and meet friends and acquaintances for a cool drink.

In addition, the Berlin Jazz Meeting will also feature the state competition Jugend jazzt in the combos category. Furthermore, the Berlin Youth Jazz Orchestra will present its current program at the Berlin Jazz Meeting. So you can look forward to a colorful and exciting program.

The Jazztreff is organized by the Landesmusikrat Berlin e.V..

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