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This year's edition of the Köpenicker Kneipenfest will once again feature musical highlights in 7 venues.

One ticket - 7 concerts!

This year with us:

  • Luise Restaurant & Bar - GehRock Band (rock music from the 70s, 80s, 90s)
  • Mutter Lustig - Zerning u. Kleiner (grooves, tango & swing, pop and funk music)
  • Freiheit fünfzehn - Blue Water (Rock & Blues)
  • Schlossplatzbrauerei Köpenick - Two on the Floor feat. Kosh (party music)
  • Break Lounge - Joris Hering Band (German rock)
  • Lehmofen - Bencanto (Soul & Roll)
  • Köpenicker Seeterrassen - VIDA West & Konsorten (rock and pop from four decades)

The after-show party will take place at 11:30 pm with DJ Ilja at Freiheit Fünfzehn.
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