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From October 27th to 29th the parish hall of the Apostle Paul Church will again be filled with blooming orchids. The Berlin group of the Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft e.V. and invited orchid gardeners present a flourishing cross-section of the approx. 25,000 known natural forms of orchids and the hybrids that have arisen from them. From mini, with only a few millimeters, to hand-sized flowers are presented in the display and sales stands.

Orchids and the accessories required for care can be purchased from the orchid companies at the sales stands.

Questions about the orchids, such as their culture, transplanting and plant protection will be shown or answered by the group members at an information stand. They will also be happy to provide information about the Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft e.V.

For the physical well is taken care of!

Admission is €3, children up to 14 years have free entry
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