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Chamber jazz with pop appeal

With her new project Teleidoscope, Leipzig trombonist Antonia Hausmann presents herself for the first time with a program of her own compositions. The album of the same name has just been released on Nils Wogram's label nWog Records.

Antonia Hausmann mit Posaune
Antonia Hausmann mit Posaune © M.Sensche

In her pieces, Antonia Hausmann encourages people to change their perspective and to question their own perception again and again. Her musical stories are inspired by encounters, moments and impressions that the Leipzig native has experienced and collected between Upper Lusatia and Beijing.

There is no room for vanity in these compositions, instead a wide range of ideas that never seem strained or contrived. The source of this is Hausmann's undisguised approach to emotional storytelling - chamber jazz with pop appeal.

Special Notes: For energy-saving reasons, St. Peter's Church is heated sparingly during the winter months. Please be prepared for lowered room temperatures. Warming sounds, hot drinks and cozy blankets are offered!

Admission: 18 €
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