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The motto of this year's annual conference of the Council for Sustainable Development is: "Overcoming obstacles: new paths in sustainability policy!". How will Germany's industry become sustainable and fit for the future? Where does the staff come from that industry and other sectors need for the newly emerging transformation professions? How do you build climate-adapted, energy-efficient and socially acceptable?

These and other topics will be discussed on October 10, 2023 at the AXICA Congress and Conference Center in Berlin.

Together with experts from politics, business and society, this year's annual conference will look for solutions to overcome obstacles and show new ways for sustainable development.

A highlight of the conference will be a keynote speech by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the late afternoon.

There will also be talks and discussions with the Federal Minister of Construction Klara Geywitz, the Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor Sarah Ryglewski and Stefan Löfven, the former Prime Minister of Sweden and Chair of UN Secretary-General Guterres' High-Level Advisory Panel on Effective Multilateralism.
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