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DAM is one of the leading art projects for digital art with more than 30 years of experience.

Wolf Lieser, Founder and Managing Director of DAM Projects, launched the Digital Art Museum in 1998 as an online-only museum, a revolutionary innovation at the time, and worked closely with London Metropolitan University to develop it. At the same time he opened the Colville Place Gallery in London together with Keith Watson, the first gallery with a focus on digital art. In 2003, Wolf Lieser finally founded the DAM Gallery (now DAM Projects) in Berlin, followed by the DAM DIGITAL ART AWARD in 2005. Since 2006, the DAM has been cooperating with the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, where digital art is regularly presented at the large Video screen is shown publicly in the inner courtyard.

DAM Projects emerged from the Digital Art Museum, a virtual museum and archive dedicated to documenting and disseminating this pioneering, avant-garde art form. As an extension of the scientific orientation of the Digital Art Museum, DAM Projects has the clear goal of conveying digital art and making it comprehensively accessible. In combination with the DAM DIGITAL ART AWARD, which was created to honor significant pioneers, these three elements form the comprehensive concept of DAM.


The Berlin Art Week is the occasion for a diverse program in September 2023:

Sunday September 10, 5 p.m. and 6 p.m
(duration: 45 minutes)
Screening of the videos Conjured Terrain by Casey Reas and Jan St. Werner (sound).
Location: Babylon Cinema 3, Berlin Mitte. Limited seating for 43 people per screening. Please login.

Tuesday September 12, 7 p.m
Reception with Casey Reas as part of the ongoing exhibition Conjured Terrain (September 5 - 23, 2023). New artworks from the Untitled Film Stills series and digital videos in collaboration with Jan St. Werner (Sound). A new hardcover book by Casey will be published on this subject in a limited edition of 200 copies.

Wednesday September 13, 7 p.m
You don't talk about that, conversation between Alexander Scholz, Editor-in-Chief of Holo Magazine and Wolf Lieser.
Location: DAM Projects, Berlin Charlottenburg. Limited seating for 50 people. Please login.

Friday September 15, 7 p.m
CBM8032AV audiovisual concert starring Robert Henke using five Commodore CBM 8032 computers from 1980.
Location: Atelier Henke. The exact address will be communicated to the registered participants. Limited seating to 60 people. Please login.

Saturday September 16th
In addition, Wolf Lieser will be part of a panel at the Digital Art Lab on Saturday afternoon. Details will be announced later.

Sunday September 24, 7 p.m
flow! Analogue meets electro. Score meets improvisation. Lurking meets easy. Wood, sheet metal, electronics.
Location: DAM Projects, Berlin Charlottenburg. Please login.

Thursday September 28, 7 p.m
Opening of liquid symmetry, Manfred Mohr solo exhibition. The artist is present.

Admission to all events is free, but registration is required.
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