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Veranstaltungen in Berlin: 2. OP-Raum-Tagung 2020
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2. OP-Raum-Tagung 2020

Our main goal is to avoid infections and other dangers originating in the operating room - and thus to protect surgical patients and surgical staff. In Germany, up to 30,000 deaths per year are only estimated to be due to nosocomial infections including after operations, whereas such serious consequences from traffic accidents are justifiably, meticulously counted and drastically lowered. Why is the same transparency with exact figures on deaths and costs not also possible for infections after operations? Alone the treatment of infections after artificial hip and knee joints costs the German insured several hundred million euros annually. Why do politicians in particular remain inactive about operating rooms, while at the same time operating rooms have a high significance for the life and health of the population? After all the risk to be operated once in the course of life is, at least, very high. The topics of the 2. OP-Raum-Tagung are dedicated to various focal points on operating rooms. Take part in the conference and contribute with Your know-how and your commitment to sustainable improvements in operating rooms!

VKU Forum

Invalidenstraße 91 10115  Berlin