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The second exhibition in Berlin's new Grosz House is dedicated to the centenary of a special trip George Grosz made to Soviet Russia in 1922.

Das kleine Grosz Museum, Blick in den Hof
Das kleine Grosz Museum, Blick in den Hof © Hannah Seibel

In his autobiography as well as in the specialist literature, there are only a few details, which have meanwhile turned out to be inaccurate, about the occasion, the encounters and the experiences that befell Grosz in St. Petersburg and Moscow during the trip, which lasted 4 months after all.

Although Grosz was very productive throughout his life, filling countless sketchbooks and constantly producing drawings, there is virtually no artwork from this phase.

In later viewings, the trip is generally interpreted as the trigger for a turn away from communism in the following year, 1923.

Together with the Willi Münzenberg Forum Berlin, the sponsoring association has researched the course of this journey in various archives and collections and traces the occasion, accompanying circumstances, background and events of this trip in previously unseen documents.

The Grosz works on display come from various private collections and public institutions as well as from the artist's estate. A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition.

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