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11 artistic positions from Berlin

Gentrification, rent increases, inflation - words that imply strong social transformations and leave concrete traces. Capitalist society is overheated and tired, the desire for change is great. At the same time, the crisis becomes a lifestyle and normal madness takes its course.

Berlin, the paradise of eccentrics and freedom lovers, has become narrower.

In many places the open spaces have disappeared and still many follow the promise and want to survive in the big city. The artists presenting their works in the exhibition "180° Normalprogramm" have come to Berlin from Brazil, Australia, Italy, Ireland and Germany and have been working here for a long time. They have experienced numerous skinnings of the city and sharpened their positions on it. They still assert their free space in different places in the city. "180° Normal Programme" brings together eleven artistic ways of seeing and working from the fields of painting, installation, drawing and objects. Each of them has its own existence; all together they resonate.

  • How do we stay with ourselves and retain the freedom to develop an artistic view of the world?
  • How do we counter the ever more rapid overshooting of the normal?

The exhibition brings together artists from Atelierhaus Mengerzeile and Haus Schwarzenberg, among others. In the neurotitan gallery they enter into exchange with each other and use it as a joint presentation platform. "180° Normal Programme" is curated by Karsten Krause. He was born in Berlin, studied painting at the UDK Berlin and works as a visual artist.

Mariele Bergmann, Alessandro Cemolin, Hugo de Carvalho, Bernard Föll, KAI, Werner Keller
(posthum), Karsten Krause, Michelle Lloyd, Lisa Smith, Margund Smolka, Thomas Tuchel.

Additional information
Saturday, 15 July 2023 from 6 pm
After Show Party at Eschschloraque

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 12 - 20 h