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Premiere of the audio walk to the Sebastian Haffner Culture and Education Center

A boulder, a Käthe Kollwitz sculpture and a piece of the Berlin Wall - these and other objects as well as structural details on the grounds of the Sebastian Haffner Cultural and Education Center are starting points for an audio walk with which the hearing audience is immersed in the history of the district and thus in Immerse yourself in a piece of Berlin history.

Is Prenzlauer Berg really a mountain? What was the beer boycott of 1894 all about? What was life like in the surrounding “tenements” and what did residents achieve in Prenzlauer Berg in the 1980s? And what does all of this have to do with the former school building that is now the cultural and educational center? The audio walk “150 steps into the history of Prenzlauer Berg” is dedicated to these and many other questions.


Funded by the Draussenstadt program
Additional information
Meeting point: In the courtyard of the Sebastian Haffner Culture and Education Center (in case of bad weather in room 111) Prenzlauer Allee 227, 10405 Berlin