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Young, committed, sentenced to death: Ecumenical memorial centre Plötzensee remembers Nazi opponent Liane Berkowitz and Friedrich Rehmer on the 80th anniversary of their deaths

Liane "Lanka" Berkowitz was 19, her fiancé Friedrich "Remus" Rehmer 21, when they were murdered by the National Socialists at the Plötzensee execution site in 1943. The two had been sentenced to death for protesting against the regime with sticky notes.

With the event series "10 Days for Lanka and Remus", the Ecumenical Memorial Centre Plötzensee 'Christians and Resistance' remembers the young couple who fell victim to Nazi terror justice 80 years ago. 

Lectures, concerts and an exhibition will provide a deep insight into the lives and motivations of Berkowitz and Rehmer, who joined the "Red Chapel" resistance network when they were young, at the Plötzensee Protestant Memorial Church from 29 June to 8 July 2023.
With the start of the series "10 Days for Lanka and Remus" on Thursday, 29 June, 7.30 pm, the exhibition "Places of Life of Lanka and Remus" opens in the Ecumenical Memorial Centre Plötzensee.
It sheds light on the short lives of Friedrich Rehmer and Liane Berkowitz, who was born in Berlin in 1923 as the child of Russian immigrants.

The desperate letters that Liane Berkowitz - heavily pregnant with her daughter Irina - wrote to her mother from prison are the focus of a musical service on 2 July.
Johannes Tuchel, political scientist and director of the German Resistance Memorial Center, will speak about the resistance of the Red Chapel in the Third Reich on Thursday, 7 July 2023. The Red Chapel is considered one of the most important resistance networks against the National Socialist regime.
Pastor Michael Maillard leads visitors on the Path of Remembrance in the Charlottenburg-Nord memorial region on Saturday, 1 July 2023. The path connects the Plötzensee memorial site with neighbouring churches that uphold the memory of resistance to the Nazi dictatorship.

A song recital highlights Friedrich Rehmer's involvement in illegal youth groups, another evening with Bishop Emmanuel Sfiatkos (Greek Orthodox Church) introduces Liane Berkowitz, Mother Maria Skobzowa and Vera Obolensky, three Orthodox women who stood up to the National Socialists.
The series ends with a culinary-musical evening on Saturday, 8 July. To the accompaniment of folk and klezmer music by the Kasbek Ensemble, solyanka and oriental specialities, visitors will learn more about the former Orient restaurant in Fasanenstraße. Berkowitz and Rehmer often visited the Russian-Caucasian restaurant, which was still a place of multicultural encounter in the middle of the Second World War.
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Admission is free of charge.
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"Lanka and Remus Places of Life" exhibition
Open 29 June to 8 July 2023 daily from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. (longer on event days).