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Commemorating the murder of Liane Berkowitz ("Lanka") and Friedrich Rehmer ("Remus") in Plötzensee 80 years ago

Liane "Lanka" Berkowitz was 19, her fiancé Friedrich "Remus" Rehmer 21, when they were murdered by the National Socialists at the Plötzensee execution site in 1943. The two had been sentenced to death for protesting against the regime with sticky notes. With the event series "10 Days for Lanka and Remus", the Ecumenical Memorial Centre Plötzensee 'Christians and Resistance' remembers the young couple who fell victim to Nazi terror justice 80 years ago.

From 29 June to 8 July 2023, lectures, concerts and an exhibition in the Plötzensee Protestant Memorial Church will give a deep insight into the lives and motivations of Berkowitz and Rehmer, who joined the "Red Chapel" resistance network when they were young.
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This event will be held in German.