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Anna Blume: Café at Prenzlauer Berg
Café at Prenzlauer Berg © visitBerlin, Foto: Pierre Adenis

Coffee in Prenzlauer Berg

Sit down and enjoy a really good coffee

Sitting down and enjoying a pleasant coffee is something synonymous with Prenzlauer Berg. That’s why, when you wander through one of the neighbourhoods, you ought to budget enough time to stop at at least one of the cafés. A relaxed weekend breakfast, a quick one after lunch, with a nice slice of cake in the afternoon or simply to go. With or without caffeine; dark, light and medium, caramelised, fruity and spicy; with or without milk, vegan and lactose-free, with soya milk, grain milk or nut milk – the choice of coffees in Prenzlauer Berg is as wide as the choice of cafés..

For a cup of aromatic coffee in a cosy 1970s leather armchair, try Godshot in Immanuelkirchstraße. Here too, every “shot” of coffee is precisely weighed out on a letter scale.

A taste sensation awaits you at Bonanza Coffee Heroes Oderberger Straße. The owners have researched the best coffee blends and preparation methods from around the world: the result is a world-class cup of coffee.

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