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Viewpoint on the Berlin Cathedral
Viewpoint on the Berlin Cathedral © visitBerlin, Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen

Berlin Unboxed: The vistiBerlin Podcast

New perspectives on the city

With Berlin Unboxed we unpack Berlin history and stories for you. Each episode introduces you to a new topic, an exciting place or a great person from our city who is currently doing something special.

How did chief restorer Toralf Gabsch and his team get the gigantic Luf-Boot into the Humboldt Forum? What did dinosaur researcher Dr Daniela Schwarz bring back from her trip to Tendaguru Hill in Tanzania? And how does classical music critic Frederik Hanssen judge whether an orchestra has played well or a bit off? 

Berlin Unboxed takes you behind the scenes

Listen in and be curious! In each episode of Berlin Unboxed you will find out what happens behind the doors that are usually closed to visitors. Our host Michael and various guest hosts from visitBerlin will take you with them! We talk to makers, thinkers and creatives. Berlin Unboxed takes you behind the scenes of Berlin's big and small attractions and takes you to places that are otherwise not easily accessible. 

In the first episodes you will accompany us to the research laboratory of the Museum of Natural History, you will climb the tower of St. Matthew's Church with Pastor Hannes Langbein with a view of the utopia Kulturforum. In the Hohenzollern crypt in Berlin Cathedral, you will join us on a search for the lost queen. You will learn how Berlin became the techno capital and accompany music critic Frederik Hanssen into Berlin's classical music world. 

Here you can find the visitBerlin Podcast

You can find our visitBerlin Podcast on Spotify, Deezer, on Apple and Google Podcasts. You can also listen to Berlin Unboxed in our ABOUT BERLIN app, the free digital city guide to Berlin history and stories.

On Soundcloud you can find an extra episode on the topic of Street Art Berlin

Audiotour am Brandenburger Tor
Junge Frau hört einen Podcast am Brandenburger Tor. © Getty Images, Foto: Bojan89