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Vegan Restaurant Happa: Interior
Vegan Restaurant Happa: Interior © Zoe Spawton


Vegan lunch & dinner events

A true inspiration in the field of vegan cuisine, Sophia Hoffmann has been for a long time. Since 2011, she has championed plant-based cuisine, environmental protection, sustainability and feminism. With Happa, the author, activist and vegan chef has now opened her first restaurant in Berlin. From simple lentil soup to umami pie made from mountain lentils, miso and shitake mushrooms, there is a whole rainbow palette of vegan delicacies. The menu is varied and full of enjoyable ideas and healthy ingredients. Happa is also committed to zero waste. In addition to the good and inexpensive lunch, Happa also invites you to dinner events, where you will be spoiled with a vegan 5-course menu. Since the number of seats is limited to 26 people, a reservation is necessary in advance.