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Köpenick palace with a pond
Köpenick palace © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

Tour 56 - Cycling Tour of Treptow-Köpenick

Riding from Treptower Park to Old Köpenick: sometimes challenging, sometimes relaxedpast all sorts of recreational options and palaces out into Berlin’s green south-eastern side. And for those who would like an extra workout, ride a little bit further around the Müggelsee, a particularly beautiful spot in Berlin. Tip: Bring your swimwear!

Treptower Park

The tour starts at Treptower Park, Berlin’s largest waterfront picnicking area. From the Treptower Park S-Bahn station, ride into the park, cycling along the riverbank, enjoying the views of the Spree. In a few hundred metres, you will pass the rose garden to your right. It’s worth taking a brief break here to check out the more than 100 varieties of roses that bloom here in season. After the water fountains, bear right and cross Puschkinallee to reach the Russian War Memorial.

Tip: Russian War Memorial

This memorial in Treptower Park is the central memorial in the city commemorating the Red Army soldiers who fell in the liberation of Berlin at the end of World War II. It is the largest memorial of its kind in Germany and also is the final resting place of more than 5,000 Soviet soldiers. The imposing statue above the mausoleum shows a soldier carrying a German child he has just saved. Continue straight and then bear left until you reach the Archenhold Observatory.

Archenhold Observatory

The Archenhold Observatory is the oldest and largest public observatory in Germany and its moveable refracting telescope is 21 metres long, the longest in the world. The Zeiss Planetarium invites visitors to take a seat in the comfortable chairs under an eight-metre dome onto which the complete northern and southern skies are projected. From the observatory, ride through the park back towards the Spree and take a RIGHT onto the main park road, now called Alt-Treptow, and then left again. In a few metres, you’ll cross the bridge over to the Insel der Jugend (“Isle of Youth”). Cross the Abteibrücke, the oldest steel composite bridge in Germany and the only access to the island. Insel der Jugend is the perfect place for a picnic by the River Spree.

After a break, hop back onto the saddle, ride back to Alt-Treptow, take a left and until you reach Bulgarische Straße. If you turn left, you will come to the pier on the Spree, a fine spot for a coffee break. Ride back along Bulgarische Straße and take the next left onto Wasserweg. Enjoy a relaxing ride along Euroroute R1 through the Plänterwald park. Follow the road as it curves to the right and becomes Kiehnwerderallee. Look closely and discover the scaffolding and sculptures from the former Spreepark amusement park. Currently the site has been left to ruin, but a reopening is planned. At the end of the park, head left. Cross the Spree with public ferry F11 and continue your tour on the other side of the river. After disembarking from the ferry, ride straight into Spreeschloßstraße. Take a right onto Nalepastraße and then an immediate left onto Fritz-König-Weg. This street runs into Rummelsburger Landstraße. Take a right. After a while, take a left onto Treskowallee which will take you to the Wuhlheide, past the Wuhlheide pool and the Karlshorst harness racing track.

Tip: Harness Racing at Karlshorst

You can join in the fun for just a little money here, even placing a small wager and cheering on your horse and its driver. Races are held year-round at Karlshorst; the main racing days are Friday and Sunday. Climb back into your saddle and ride to the right of the track onto Kastanienallee, following the path through the green Wuhlheide park. At the end of the path, turn right and then immediately left onto Eichgestell, which will take you to FEZ.

Tour card

Tips for Families: FEZ

A dream for all children: the FEZ is a recreational park in Wuhlheide and is Europe’s largest non-profit children, youth, and family centre. A museum, a theatre, a swimming and sports hall, concert halls, cinemas, and playgrounds are here for all to enjoy. Continue riding past the FEZ. Take a right onto Straße zum FEZ and then a left onto the main road An der Wuhlheide. A little further you’ll the Alte Försterei, the stadium that is home to Berlin’s second division football club 1. FC Union Berlin. It was built thanks to the initiative of loyal fans who gather here each year to sing Christmas carols with each other.

Through the Wuhlheide to Old Köpenick

From here, it’s not too far to the Köpenick city hall and palace in Old Köpenick. Cross the Wuhle river and follow Lindenstraße. Behind the Sammbrücke, you can see Old Köpenick with its charming streets. Alt-Köpenick will take you past Köpenick Rathaus on your way to Schloss Köpenick.

Tip: Rathaus Köpenick

Shortly after its inauguration in 1906, the Köpenick town hall became world famous almost overnight. The reason: unemployed shoemaker Wilhelm Voigt put on a uniform he had retrieved from a junk pile and held the town’s mayor Georg Langerhans hostage in order to seize the city treasury. He has since been called the Captain of Köpenick. The story of the Captain of Koepenick is regularly told in the council chamber, in full Berlin dialect, of course. The heart of Old Köpenick is also a good spot for a cake and coffee break at nostalgic Altstadtcafé Cöpenick. A little further on, you will see the marvellous Schloss Koepenick.

Tip: Schloss Köpenick

This baroque palace on a small island is surrounded by an English park with fluttering elms and gingko trees. The palace holds treasures of the city’s Kunstgewerbemuseum (Decorative Arts Museum) from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries. In front of the palace, take Müggelheimer Straße to the left. In front of Volkspark Köpenick, turn left onto Pablo-Neruda-Straße and ride straight ahead. After passing the park, the street is renamed Müggelschlößchenweg. Gradually, everything becomes a bit greener as you leave the city behind and come to the largest lake in Berlin, the Müggelsee. The access road to the Müggelsee will be full of holidaymakers, joggers, walkers, and skaters. On the left bank, you will see a very special option for some refreshment: the SpreeArche, a floating restaurant in the middle of the Spree, only accessible by mini-ferry or boat. If you like, this is a good spot to finish the tour. Ride along the riverbank to the left and take the Spreetunnel. Past the Friedrichshagen beach, take busy Bölschestraße to the Friedrichshagen S-Bahn station.

Around the Müggelsee

Müggelschlößchenweg ends at the lake shore. From here on Euro Route R1 is where the actual ride around the lake starts. Once you come to the lake shore, ride to the right to continue riding on the south shore. The Rübezahl pub in Müggelheim offers beautiful views of the lake. It is then recommended to follow the cycling trail from Müggelheim and turn away from the shore. The R1 then takes you from here comfortably on a paved trail through the forest. You are now in the Köpenicker Bürgerheide. Take a left at Straße zum Müggelhort and stop at the Kleiner Müggelsee on your right. This is also a fine spot for a dip in the lake. Ride past the Müggelheim meadows and turn left onto Schönhorster Straße. This will take you to the Dämeritzsee. Am Dämeritzsee is the only option for crossing to the other side of the lake. Take the small wooden bridge across the Alter Spreearm to reach the other side of the canal.

From Neu-Venedig to Erkner

On the way to Erkner, make a detour to Neu-Venedig (“New Venice”). After passing the second bridge on Triglawstraße, turn left and follow Im Hasenwinkel and Biberpelzstraße until you reach Rialtoring. You can see right away from the many canals, bridges, and idyllic watercourses why this idyllic part of Köpenick has been called “New Venice”. Rialtoring is the way out of this watery labyrinth when you’re ready to leave. On the main road, turn right onto Fürstenwalder Allee. From here, follow the cycling path next to the main road to the village of Erkner. This is where the tour ends. Take the S-Bahn from Erkner back to the city centre. If you’d rather ride back to the city, take Fürstenwalder Allee and Fürstenwalder Straße towards Köpenick. From here you can follow the same path that you took from Treptower Park.