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A surfer on the Großer Müggelsee in Berlin, a popular destination
Surfing on the Müggelsee © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle


Berlin’s largest lake

What for the West Berliner is the Wannsee is for the East Berliner the Müggelsee. Bathing, paddling and hiking have been done here all along. The lake counts, especially in summer, to one of the most popular excursion destinations of Berlin.

Its deepest end was measured at close to eight meters. It is four and a half kilometres in length, two and a half kilometres wide, and Berlin’s largest lake: the Müggelsee. There are three large official bathing areas along the shore: the lake resort Friedrichshagen, the lido Müggelsee (currently undergoing renovation) with the bordering FKK beach as well as the bathing beach at the small Müggelsee.


And all around the lake, at many boat rental stations, the most diverse watercrafts can be rented: from motorboat to the canoe. Situated at the northern bank of the lake is the Museum im Wasserwerk.

The facility was put into operation in 1893 and is still today used for Berlin’s water supply. Visitors can, among other things, tour the original preserved plant floor with its piston steam engines. And on the other side of the lake, in the southeast, lies the fishermen’s town Rahnsdorf, with its idyllic cobble stone roads and the old chestnut trees. In close proximity to the landing stage, the last professional fisherman sells the Müggelsee’s fresh catches.