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Schlachtensee in Berlin
At the Schlachtensee © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle

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A paradise for water rats, fish and fishers

The Schlachtensee lies in the southwestern part of Berlin, in the middle of the forest, between Krumme Lanke and Wannsee. And it is not only because of its good travel connections a popular excursion destination.

In summer, encircling the Schlachtensee, countless bathers are to be found; yet, the cleanest Berliner swimming lake is not only favoured by them. The fishermen also value the high water quality—and pull perch, white bream and gudgeons out of the waters of the tubular formed lake. . Around the lake is a seven kilometre long continuous boardwalk, which invites for strolling or jogging. Situated on the east bank is the “fisher-hut”, a heritage protected historical guesthouse with beer garden and children’s playground.

Boats can also be rented there. In the south part of the lake, direct at the S-Bahnhof with the same name, lies the “Paul Ernst Park”, a green and recreation park, which winds itself down to the lake and reaches almost a kilometre along the south-bank of the lake up to a craggy peninsula.

Lake Krumme Lanke  in Berlin
Lake Krumme Lanke © (c) visumate

Near the Schlachtensee you can find the lake Krumme Lanke, also a popular swimming lake .